Arxius mensuals: Setembre de 2011

9 Eleonora’s Falcon recorded in Barcelona

Eleonora’s Falcon is one of the less known raptors in Europe. During breeding season they live in coastal cliffs in Mediterranean Sea and North Africa. In winter this slight falcon is moving to Madagascar in a long trip across Africa and not so much is known about the routes they use to move around this huge area.

Elonora's Falcon (Falco eleonorae) migrating over Barcelona (photo by Carles Oliver)

This year have been many records of this falcon in Catalonia. But there is interest to say that 9 Eleolona’s Falcon have been recorded in a watch point of migratory birds just beside Barcelona. The first Eleonora’s Falcon was seen on August 19th and last record ocurred on October 2nd.

Have been recorded 2 dark phorm Eleonora’s Falcon and 7 light phorm.

This is the largest record in a year for this species since this small migratoring watch point started to counting autumn migratory birds in 1998.

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Chicks of Flamingo ringed in Ebro Delta

On Sunday July 24th were ringed 400 chicks of Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber) in Ebro Delta. This is the sixth summer that chicks of Flamingo are ringed in this Natural Park. About 200 people participated in an operation that started at 4:00 am and ended about 10:00 am. The chicks were ringed with a PVC ring in its right leg and with a metallic ring in its left one. After this they were brought to be weigh and finally they were retorned to the salt marshes.

In Ebro Delta the numbers of Flamingo have been increasing for years, since in early 80’s there were about 50 and more than 11.000 have

been recorded in 2011 census. The first breeding was in 1992 when 251 pairs breed in the South salty area. The population fastly grew until 1500 pairs in mid-90’s. In 2011 there

are about 3.000 pairs breeding in Ebro Delta.